"As the sun dropped under and the moon swooped in, she stared at the stars and wondered when it would be her turn to be one of them"

" I dream you. You are my only desire. When you looked into my eyes for the first time you captured my heart and now it belongs to you. Now I strongly believe that if two people are intended to find each other, the universe will always find a way of connecting them and it happened. You are my beloved soul mate and we were paired up in heaven. I long for you. I can travel endlessly just to hold you in my arms and cherish your closeness. I can sit next to my phone all day just to hear your voice. I can’t get you the stars and the moon but I can sit with you and watch the night sky. I know that I am not the most beautiful girl in the world but I love you beautifully. I cannot promise to be perfect and flawless but I promise you that if I have given you my heart it will stay with you forever. Maybe I am not capable of solving your problems at times but I will be always holding your hand through good and bad times in our life.You are all that I want.. You are all that my heart and soul ever desired. "
- Aarti Khurana (via anyasquotes)
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" If I allowed myself to care about you
I would hang myself up again
Like I have done so many times before
When I lost my self control "
- Henry Rollins (via henryrollinsquotes)
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